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Give URL


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Usage: Give Me URL

By the web:

  1. [On the source device] Input the url which you want to send. Submit it!
  2. [On the target device] Input the four digits' pin which appers on the source device, then you will visit the sent URL.

By the bookmarklet:

  1. Install "Give Me URL" bookmarklet to the browsers on both the source and the target devices.
  2. [On the soruce device] Click the bookmarklet when you want to send the URL.
  3. [On the target device] Click the bookmarklet, then input the four digits' pin which appers on the source device.


  1. It helps you when you want to tell the URL to others in the oral communication.
  2. It helps you when you want to see the same web page with the different device.

Usage: Bookmarklet

By right click

Right click the following link and add favorite!
Give Me URL bookmarklet

Edit favorite

  1. Click this link. It just adds "#javascript:(function..." to the end of the URL in your browser.
  2. Bookmark this page.
  3. Edit this bookmark.
  4. Delete everything in the URL up to and including the "#" so that the remaining URL starts with "javascript:(function".

Directly edit favorite

  1. Bookmark this page.
  2. Edit this bookmark.
  3. Add the following code in the URL.
javascript:(function(){var url=location.href;location.href=''+escape(url);})();

Uninstall Bookmarklet

Delte the bookmarklet.
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