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A very short time easy file uploader.

Receiver (Download)


Sender (Upload)

Email: (optional)
File: (up to 5M)
Duration: 5 min. (digits)   20 min. (digits+alphabets)


The "Give Me Four" provides the simple scheme which you can pass somebody the file or the URL. It helps you when you want to share photo or any file without exchanging Email address. It also help you when you want to tell your facebook page or your twitter account page. I use to copy the file from android phone to the PC.
  1. All receivers and sender open this web page.
  2. The sender set and send the URL or the file which the sender want to sahre.
  3. If you set the Mail, the mail address will be appeared in the access page with the mailto link.
  4. Then, the sender tells receivers pin.
  5. Receivers can access the infromation with the pin within duration time.
The data will be removed when the duration time expires.
I have develop this web page for persons who meet first time. They don't know mail address of each other. I'd like to provide the system to exchange data for those persons.
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