Monkey game

Please get all apples by moving the monkey!

The monkey has his own moving rule. For example, when the cursor moves rightward, the monkey moves upward. But, the monkey does not tell the moving rule.
The monkey also changes the his moving rule when he gets the apple.

If the cursor is out of the box, the monkey stops.
If you want to stop the monkey, click! Click again to move the monkey!

Touch the monkey to start game.



Time 00:00


RankNameTotal timeTime1Time2Time3Time4
1km17.34 3.96 5.12 4.14 4.12
2km20.46 3.21 2.87 9.86 4.52
3kttkk21.45 3.96 7.15 5.98 4.36
4as24.7910.05 4.83 5.92 3.99
5TK25.29 5.02 4.63 6.18 9.45
6moomin26.02 6.57 7.87 5.40 6.17
7rai27.41 8.08 4.79 9.11 5.43
8LikeSilk27.85 3.78 8.41 7.04 8.62
9monkey29.18 4.74 7.43 9.20 7.81
10kttkk29.44 6.43 8.0310.03 4.96


The moving rule

Do we need to know the his moving rule to accomplish the task ? I was thinking that we do need to know. However, my kid got all apples without knowing the moving rule! At least, I belive that knowing the rule helps to accomplish the task efficiently.

How to know the moving ruler?

One of approaches is a reinforcement learning. We have an intent, for example, we want to move the monkey upward. In such case, a reward is given if we can move the monkey upward. Other approaches is to remember a mapping. Let us move the cursor rightward. Then, remember the direction which the monkey moves. Both approaches may simultaneously work.

Two phases?

Is there two phase; learning the rule and using the rule ? Is there any diference for the human ?

My interests

What would happen, if we received visual feedback which is non-intuitive or physically wrong, but consistent.
My assumption is that we would have three steps of experimences:
  1. become irritated by the non-intuitive feedback from the system,
  2. try to learn the system,
  3. then, get familiar with the system.
If we can instrument the duration time of each step, I believe we can quantitatively evaluate the usability of the system.
I came up with this game when discuss, actually chat, with Dr. T. Yoshida.
The icons of the monkey and the apple are from フリー素材の来夢来人.

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