Cheap, easy and fun!

DIY real-time

3D experience!!


DIY Recipe of the real-time 3D experience!

Step1: What you need

1. Olympus Air

2. 3D Lens

(LUMIX G 12.5mm/F12)

3. Vinyl tapes

4. Smartphone (iPhone or android)

5. 3D Goggle (Luklas)

Step2: Hack 3D lens with vinyl tapes

Electrical contacts of

the 3D lens.

Insulated electrical contacts of the 3D lens.

Insulate electrical contacts of the 3D lens, so that the camera misrecognizes electrical contactless lens.

Otherwise, the camera simplly says "3D lens is not supported."

Step3: Assemble kit

Mount the 3D lens with insulated electrical contacts to the olympus air.

Real-time side-by-side

Let's use the 3D goggle!

Use OA. ModeDial app.

on the smartphone.

Set the smartphone to

the 3D goggle.


Mount 3D lens

Olympus air with 3D lens

Step4: Enjoy DIY real-time 3D experimence!


I want the person who has interests to develope iOS and/or android applicaton for this project.

Please feel free to contact me.

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